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This page is under construction, more information will be added in the future

Welcome to the world of tokens

The beauty about tokens is their versatility. A token can be a form of payment, proof of membership, vote token, a collectible and of course a loyalty token. At this point in time, tokens are used within the LoyalGarden ecosystem as a way to reward a loyal community. When a community is helped in any way, tokens are easily handed out, the same tokens can be given back in return for a discount or a free concert ticket.
In the future all benefits of a token will be utilized and become available in the LoyalGarden app.

Tokenenize your brand

Want to show yourself? A token has a unique name and within the LoyalGarden
app a logo and description can be added as well.
When you send a token, the part you want to show about yourself
is send with the token and show up in the wallet of the one
receiving the token.

A little inspiration

Do you have a shop? Reward your customers!
Hand out tokens with each purchase.
give a discount and receive them back

Reward members and VIP visitors
Distribute a token before an event that
guarantees free entrance

Get attention!
Use the promo code feature in the app
and display them around town.
When people scan with LoyalGarden,
they receive your token!

Learn more about the LoyalGarden app

The LoyalGarden app is an easy gateway to using tokens as community rewards.
Use the app to send or ask for tokens, store community tokens, invite friends and of course create your own token to start building your community!

The start of a journey, create a token

The first step into your community journey is creating your own token.Think of a catchy name and upload a logo to start with.Please note that some aspects of a token are permanent.Name, symbol, total supply and value, can't be changed afterwards.It's up to you how to use a token, the LoyalGarden app helps to make life easier.

Spread the promo

When a token is created, the next step is to create a promo code. Assign a total amount of tokens and the amount a single user receives upon scanning. Now spread your promo around town.


In general tokens can be send and received by using the build in QR scanner. This is an easy way transfer tokens quickly to friends an family.

In time the app will be updated with some great new features, stay tuned!

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